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 “Kylie has a remarkable ability to be completely unobtrusive, ghost-like, as she floats around capturing special moments. She has a naturally calming presence, allowing you to relax and focus on what is in front of you. The end result was simply breathtaking, beautifully candid photos and video to tell the story of our special day. We couldn’t have been any happier.”

~ Kelly

I take a candid, creative approach to shooting weddings. I focus on the fun & feel of the day, rather than lots of posed portraits & awkward photo shoots.

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 “Definitely the best idea ever for those family members who ‘don’t like photos’. Several were grumpy with me for booking a photographer, but NOONE was grumpy after you left!”

~ Jolene

If you're not the kind of person who likes having to smile for the camera or spend ages being posed, then I'm definitely the photographer for you!

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I hate having my photo taken.

So I totally get it when people tell me they hate having theirs taken too.

Every single person I’ve worked with has said the same thing after their wedding or session... “We forgot you were even there!

When you forget I’m taking photos you’re able to relax, and I’m able to capture images that are natural, creative & beautiful.

Images you’ll actually WANT to see yourself in.

Don’t let your dislike for being photographed stop you from getting in the frame.

It’s important to our children & our families to have lasting images of the people they love most in this world.

So book the photographer for people who don’t like to be photographed.


 “Len & I both commented how little we saw of you during the ceremony & reception, which meant we weren’t worried about the camera and we felt so comfortable and natural, and I think you can really see that in the pics. It was EXACTLY what we wanted! So, so happy!”

- Kate

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 "Usually as a mum you take the pics of the kids or pics of dad with the kids and rarely do I get into a photo with my boys. Normally I will shy from the camera but I forgot that a camera was even there. We had lots of laughs with Kylie along the way and it was so chilled out! Our lives go by so fast, so to be able to capture special moments in family life is so important. You treasure these forever"

~ Lou

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