Hi! I’m Kylie…


I spend my days capturing life with a camera, whether it be mine or somebody else’s. I live in the gorgeous Hawkesbury region, north-west of Sydney, enjoying life & adventures with my husband Dave, and our two daughters Punky and Zee.

I have a passion for creative experiments and trying new things in photography, filmmaking and life.

I believe that the internet is magic,
Hundreds & Thousands are the best biscuits in the world, Daddy Pig is totally underrated for his Daddy-ing skills, there’s no such thing as ‘talking too much’, and that there is no better pass-time in the world than curling up in bed with a good book (or my husband!).

I also believe that everyone deserves to have their story told. I believe you deserve to exist in photographs just as much as anyone else. I believe everyone has a beautiful story to tell, and it’s my mission to prove to you just how worthy your story really is.

I’m also a recovering camera avoider, so believe me when I say I know how hard it is to get yourself in the frame, but if you trust me, I can make the process as painless as possible so you can have some beautiful family photos & films to treasure forever!


I hear you. i see you. i get it.

I used to hate having my photo taken.

So I totally get it when people tell me they hate having theirs taken too.

A photo session with me is not like any other session you’ve had before, for this very reason. A session with me is like catching up with a friend. It’s not rushed, it’s not posed.

We’ll chat a lot (and don’t worry if you’re not a talker, I can talk enough for both of us!) and eventually you’ll be having so much fun just hanging out with me and your family that you’ll forget you’re even having a photo shoot!

Don’t let your dislike for being photographed stop you from getting in the frame.

You owe it to your kids, but more importantly, you owe it to yourself! You deserve to exist in your family’s photographs as much as they do!


My Loves. My Life.