Hi! I'm Kylie...







mother. reader. chief memory-keeper.

that's me.

I'm a fully-trained, diploma-qualified picture taker. I'm a mostly-sane mother of two young girls. I'm also a poorly trained housewife, married to Dave. I've been writing a personal blog for years, where I record my thoughts, memories, and photos. When I'm not assisting my girls with their 47th costume change of the day, or stealing away to read a chapter of my current book, you'll find me living & breathing photography & making movies with my memories.

lover of home movies

I have my mother to thank for my obsession with documenting people's stories & family memories. I'm one of those lucky people, I have not only photos documenting my life from it's very beginning, but I have videos too, starting from when I was 2 years old and my Mum & Grandpa decided to hire a video camera (at huge cost, it was 1984 after-all) to record our family Christmas celebrations.

I know the real value in recording family stories

My grandparent's played a huge part in my life. They were some of my most favourite people in the world. So when they passed away those old home movies were suddenly priceless. To be able to not only see them but hear their voices again, to know that I have something I'll be able to show my girls so they can "meet" the great-grandparents they never actually met? I'd pay all the money in the world and then some to be able to ensure my girls will have the same thing when they get older.

All those photos & videos? They're not "perfect" moments.

They're candid. They're authentic. They're real life. And I love them.

Let me capture those same moments for your children. Your grandchildren.

You'll never regret it.

And your kids will never forget it.

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