Underwater World | Capturing Life | Hawkesbury Family Photographer

It's been so hot here in Sydney that the girls and I have been spending as much time in my Mum's pool as we can. My sister has a GoPro Hero 5 and she let me borrow it one of those hot days to take some photos. Since then I've also used it to do some filming, but I've not had a chance to put that film together just yet, but stayed tuned!

UPDATE: I've finished the film! Kepp scrolling to watch it, it's one of my favourite films to date!

Underwater photography is much harder than it looks, but it's also a lot of fun! I took quite a few images on my first try, getting used to how the camera worked and checking out the difference water makes to colours, etc. But overall I managed to get quite a few keepers, and I'd like to share them with you today. I love how the water & the wide angle of the lens makes the girls look so graceful.

These photos were not just taken for the novelty of it, but because I really wanted to take some summer photos that were representative of this time in our lives. Zee starts school in 2019, and I know this time next year I'm going to be a bundle of nerves. So I really want to remember Zee's last real carefree summer, and to document it fully I needed to shoot in the pool...

This post is part of a monthly blog circle that I'm a part of with some amazing photographers. Head over here to Courntey Holmes and check out her wonderful work.
This post is part of a monthly blog circle that I'm a part of with some amazing photographers. Head over here to Courntey Holmes and check out her wonderful work.

Kate & Lenny | 28.10.17 | Sydney Wedding Photographer

On Saturday 28th October I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Kate & Lenny's Sydney wedding. Sometimes you meet a couple and you just know they are meant to be and going to have the best life together. Kate & Lenny are that kind of couple. Their love for each other shines through in every word & gesture and it was a real privilege to be able to document their special day.

I remember when planning my own wedding back in 2008 I begged my husband to have some dancing lessons with me so we could do a really cool first dance. He flat out refused! In the end though he consented to let me teach him a basic waltz and some twirls so that we could do our first dance justice. Our dance was very special to me, we danced to Sonny & Cher's I Got You Babe. This was in tribute to my Grandparents who sadly couldn't be there (my Grandmother had passed away many years before and my Grandfather was in the late stages of dementia). At their 50th wedding anniversary they dressed up as Sonny & Cher and performed that song for all of the guests who had gathered to celebrate with them. Even at 11 years old, I knew that one day I wanted to do my first dance at my wedding to that song.

So the first dance always has a special place for me, and I love seeing couples really get in to it. Hands down, of all the weddings I've been to (and I've been to a LOT!!!), Kate & Lenny's bridal waltz was the best I've had the pleasure of seeing. I knew when they came into the reception room to practice it before the reception started that I had to video them dancing together and incorporate it into their wedding highlights film...

Psst... I'm participating in a little blog circle with some photographer friends this month, so when you've finished checking out Kate & Lenny's gorgeousness you should totally check out my friend Tenielle Murray Photography - Melbourne Lifestyle Photography.

The finer details...
Ceremony: St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Haberfield
Reception Venue: Deckhouse, Woolwich
Dress: Louise Alvarez Couture
Rings: Cerrone

I'm now taking bookings for 2018 & 2019 weddings (can you believe 2017 is almost doneski?!) so if you'd like more information on the packages & prices I offer please click the Enquire Now button below and I'll send you my wedding guide...

Roll of 36 Challenge | Hawkesbury Family Photography

There's a photography group that I'm in on Facebook that Stacey Ilyse Photography runs (seriously you should check her out, her work it is amazing!) and in the group she sets us little challenges. The latest challenge was called the Roll of 36. The idea being that we would try to shoot a day in the life as if we were using only film. We could shoot 36 frames only, and we had to use the one ISO, just as you would if you were using an actual roll of film.

I didn't quite do a day in the life, more like an afternoon in the life. Perhaps not even that. I took my camera with me and shot our afternoon bike ride, something that we do at least once a week and an activity at which I can easily fire off 100 frames. Sticking to 36 shots only, and the one ISO (I chose 400 because I knew I would probably need the extra boost with the afternoon shadows) was definitely a challenge. I shot these with my 35mm Sigma Art lens and the focus can be questionable at times, hence the fact I often shoot a lot more than 36 frames! 

Still, I think I managed to get some decent shots, the equivalent of half a roll. I chose to keep some of the not-quite-perfectly focused images because I just loved the moment so much. As well as sticking to 36 frames and the one ISO, I also decided that I would also not do any major adjustments in the post-processing department, and not fix any of the exposure or do any cropping. I adjusted the white balance, added some clarity & de-saturated some of the colours, as well as adding in some grain but left everything else as if it would have come straight off the roll of film.

So this is the best of my Roll of 36 (take note of the Grandpa ROLLERBLADING with his grandkids!)...

Flo's 1st Birthday Cake Smash | Sutherland Family Photographer

I don't normally do cake smashes, but this one was a little bit special. You see, not only is this little girl absolutely delightful, but she is also my nephew's cousin. I took her Mum's maternity photos when she was pregnant with Flo, and then I was back again when Flo was 3 months old to capture some precious moments of this new family together.

So I jumped at the chance to spend some time with my camera in her face and it was so. much. fun! Seriously, Flo, you are just the most delightful little thing. Happy Birthday, Gorgeous Girl!

Autumn afternoons | Hawkesbury Family Photography

"Thank you so much for the movie it is amazing so beautiful. I had tears rolling down my face watching it"

The first time I created a film of my girls on one of our afternoon walks, I was hard pressed not to tear up each time I watched it back. That was 9 months ago and I still get a little teary when I watch it again. It's amazing how much has changed in that short period of time, and it makes me more determined than ever to continue documenting their lives in photos & film.

When I got that feedback (in the opening quote) from Holly after she watched her family film for the first time the mother in me got teary right along with her. I'm so glad they will have that film to look back on as their children grow & change. It's just one small moment in time, captured, but it's a time that they will long for when the kids all grown up and have families of their own, and something their kids will get a real kick-out of showing to their own children one day...


Autumn Haze | Hawkesbury Family Photographer

Autumn is without doubt my most favourite season. And April & May are two of my favourite months of the year. The weather has finally cooled down enough that you can go outside without melting, but it's not yet cool enough that you need to wear socks & two pairs of pants (surely I'm not the only one who does this?). 

We spend lots of time outside in autumn, playing in the backyard and exploring the Hawkesbury to uncover it's delights under all the crunchy leaves. Everything seems to have this golden haze about it, the colours, the leaves, and especially the light...

Sunday arvo at the Farley's | Hawkesbury Family Photographer

Without doubt, the Sunday afternoon I spent with the Farley family was one of the most fun Sunday arvo's I've had in a long time. Seriously, this family knows how to laugh and I'm pretty sure we spent almost as much time laughing and making jokes as we did talking while they went about their usual Sunday arvo activities of baking for the school week ahead, playing together in the backyard and the family favourite board game session & wrestling with Dad. In fact, Lou told me afterwards her favourite thing about the session was "The laughs. I felt like we laughed non stop. And making cakes with my kids is always one of my favourite things".

I asked Lou why it was that she wanted to have some photos taken and her response was beautiful...

"We wanted some memories of us all together. Usually as a mum you take the pics of the kids or pics of dad with the kids and rarely do I get into a photo with my boys." 

I totally get this feeling, I sometimes think that if the only thing people see of my girls lives are the photos, they would be forgiven for thinking they didn't have a mother at all! I'm so glad Lou's boys will now have some fun photos with her in them, to look back over as they get older, and show to their own kids & grandkids one day.

Lou also wanted to be able to show their family in the UK what their lives were like here in Australia, and so a family film was the perfect way to not only allow their overseas family to share in their lives, but for them to be able to hear the kids voices and laughter, something they've not heard for a very long time.

Thanks for having me round, Farley's!


Sunday Morning with the Andrades | Sydney Family Photographer

I remember when I was pregnant with my second child, feeling a little sad that our time as a family of three was coming to an end. I wanted to soak up every moment with my first-born because I knew that once the new baby arrived my time would be taken up with feeding, changing, settling and sleepless nights, leaving me limited time to devote to my first-born.

So when I arrived at the Andrades on a gloomy Sunday morning, pouring with rain, and walked in to their warm & cozy house I knew I was entering a special space. The Andrades are expecting their second baby later in the year and it was a great privilege to be able to document these last few months as a family of three for them.

I really wish I'd thought to take more photos of this time in my own life, but instead, I'll content myself with documenting the memories of this precious time for other families. This is what a Sunday morning with the Andrades looks like...


An afternoon with Zara | Sydney Family Photographer

At the beginning of March I had the absolute pleasure to spend a glorious afternoon with Jasmyne and her delightful 5 month-old daughter Zara. Seriously, Zara was the cutest little bubba and her smile was totally infectious. I just couldn't get enough of it, and neither can her Mum.

3-6 month old babies are honestly at the best age, they are so full of life and the smiles come easy. Mum is their world and seeing their little eyes light up when she walks in the room brings tears to your eyes. We decided to create a little Day in the Life of Zara with some one-on-one time with Mummy, lots of cuddles & kisses and a trip to the park....

This kind of session is the perfect way to document a special mother + daughter relationship & bond and you can find out more about booking this kind of session here.