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Autumn is hands-down my favourite time of year, not just in general terms (seriously, there's nothing like being able to go outside without melting in to a puddle!) but also because of the amazing colours and soft golden light.  If I could have the soft golden light of autumn afternoons all year round I'd be one happy lady! Exactly one year ago I made another film in the same location, you can see that film by clicking here.

This particular afternoon the light was especially golden at sunset thanks to the smoke from some hazard-reduction burns happening north of us. There were moments when my girls looked like they had blazing red hair, it was so strong!

It was perfect for doing some photographing & filming and so of course, that's what we did! The original intent for this trip was to collect some crunchy leaves to use in an art project the next day so the photos & resultant film were the bonus!

Technical note: I filmed & photographed this with a special creative lens from LensBaby called a Composer Pro (I have the old version with a double-glass optic which isn't available any longer) which is why it has that dreamy, blurry quality to it...

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