Childhood Days of Summer | Family Photographer Sydney

Summer as a kid is pretty much the best time to be alive. There’s no school, no homework, nothing to do but just enjoy the sun and do whatever you want.

My own childhood summers were most often spent at my Grandma & Grandpa’s caravan down on Lake Illawarra at Windang. Those long summer days spent riding our bikes around the caravan park, playing at the beach or swimming in the pool, and fishing, so much fishing, are still some of my best memories.

For my own girls, I want them to have the same kind of summer memories. We spend a lot of time at one of our most favourite places in the world, Yarramundi, and when we’ve got the time we make the trek to the beach and explore the rockpools, build sandcastles, and have fish & chips by the ocean.

If we’re not somewhere by the water then we’re in the backyard, playing and running under the sprinkler. It’s so relaxed, and the pace is slow. When they’re grown, I hope these are the days they remember most fondly.

This summer I made a short video about our summer days and when I watch it I can almost feel the sun on my skin. I hope watching it brings back happy memories for you too…

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