Roll of 36 Challenge | Hawkesbury Family Photography

There's a photography group that I'm in on Facebook that Stacey Ilyse Photography runs (seriously you should check her out, her work it is amazing!) and in the group she sets us little challenges. The latest challenge was called the Roll of 36. The idea being that we would try to shoot a day in the life as if we were using only film. We could shoot 36 frames only, and we had to use the one ISO, just as you would if you were using an actual roll of film.

I didn't quite do a day in the life, more like an afternoon in the life. Perhaps not even that. I took my camera with me and shot our afternoon bike ride, something that we do at least once a week and an activity at which I can easily fire off 100 frames. Sticking to 36 shots only, and the one ISO (I chose 400 because I knew I would probably need the extra boost with the afternoon shadows) was definitely a challenge. I shot these with my 35mm Sigma Art lens and the focus can be questionable at times, hence the fact I often shoot a lot more than 36 frames! 

Still, I think I managed to get some decent shots, the equivalent of half a roll. I chose to keep some of the not-quite-perfectly focused images because I just loved the moment so much. As well as sticking to 36 frames and the one ISO, I also decided that I would also not do any major adjustments in the post-processing department, and not fix any of the exposure or do any cropping. I adjusted the white balance, added some clarity & de-saturated some of the colours, as well as adding in some grain but left everything else as if it would have come straight off the roll of film.

So this is the best of my Roll of 36 (take note of the Grandpa ROLLERBLADING with his grandkids!)...