Sunday arvo at the Farley's | Hawkesbury Family Photographer | Storytelling Session Film + Photos

Without doubt, the Sunday afternoon I spent with the Farley family was one of the most fun Sunday arvo's I've had in a long time. Seriously, this family knows how to laugh and I'm pretty sure we spent almost as much time laughing and making jokes as we did talking while they went about their usual Sunday arvo activities of baking for the school week ahead, playing together in the backyard and the family favourite board game session & wrestling with Dad. In fact, Lou told me afterwards her favourite thing about the session was "The laughs. I felt like we laughed non stop. And making cakes with my kids is always one of my favourite things".

I asked Lou why it was that she wanted to have some photos taken and her response was beautiful...

"We wanted some memories of us all together. Usually as a mum you take the pics of the kids or pics of dad with the kids and rarely do I get into a photo with my boys."

I totally get this feeling, I sometimes think that if the only thing people see of my girls lives are the photos, they would be forgiven for thinking they didn't have a mother at all! I'm so glad Lou's boys will now have some fun photos with her in them, to look back over as they get older, and show to their own kids & grandkids one day.

Lou also wanted to be able to show their family in the UK what their lives were like here in Australia, and so a family film was the perfect way to not only allow their overseas family to share in their lives, but for them to be able to hear the kids voices and laughter, something they've not heard for a very long time.

Thanks for having me round, Farley's!