Sydney Family Photos | Karen, Matt, Flo & Eadie | Storytelling Session Film + Photos

One of the things I love best about being a Sydney family photographer is all of the people you meet. From lovely families & kids to brides & grooms, right through to other photographers. I’ve made friends all over the world thanks to this job, and it gives me great pleasure when I travel somewhere and I’m able to catch up with friends old & new.

So it was when my family and I traveled down to Albury a few weeks ago to attend a family celebration. I knew that one of the loveliest & most talented photographers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, Karen from Capture by Karen, lived down there, and there was no way my trip would have been complete without spending some time with Karen & her gorgeous family.

Karen had me over for the afternoon and I made sure I had my camera to not only capture their life in photos, but film as well. As a photographer it can be really hard to let go and be the one in front of the camera, and so I made sure I captured lots of images of Karen with her girls, because I know how important images like this will be to her daughters in the years to come.

I also know that as a photographer herself, Karen will have plenty of photos of the kids & Dad, but not so many of herself with the kids. It’s so important for Mums to get in the frame with their little ones, even if you HATE being in front of the camera. I can 100% guarantee that photos of you with your kids are going to be the number 1 thing your children will treasure and hang on to when they’re grown.

I also think it’s important for Mums to be shown just how fabulous they really are. Mums do such an important job in the raising of their kids and it’s often hard & thankless. But whenever I go to a family session I’m always struck by just how special each Mum is to their children, and I try to capture a little of that so they can hopefully see how beautiful & important they are to their family.

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