Ten | Capturing Life | Sydney Family Photographer

Last week I had what’s called a Creative Counselling session with Yan Palmer. It was half photography mentoring half therapy session and it was absolutely eye-opening. Before the session Anna sent a long questionnaire, with some of the most probing, hard-to-answer questions I’ve ever seen. It forced me to look deep inside myself, at my motivations for creating and shooting, at my fears, at my hopes, everything that works to make me the creative that I am.

I spent three hours working through that questionnaire, and the funny thing was, that at the end of it I realised that my reason for wanting to do this session with Anna was different to what I first thought. I thought I wanted to talk about how to merge my personal and client work to bring them more closely together in look and feel, and then I realised it was actually more about coming to terms with the reality of my life & business and how to move forward in a way that feels like me and that doesn’t leave me feeling frustrated or at war with what I need to do.

I learned that there will always be a difference between my personal & client work and that’s ok. They don’t have to be the same. But there are ways to make my client work align more closely with the same creative process I use for my personal work, and that in doing so, I won’t find the business side of photography so challenging & frustrating.

I’m excited to spend some time working out my goals and setting up some sessions with clients where I can explore this new approach and start incorporating my personal creative process in to my business creative process.

It’s really exciting, and I’m so thankful for Anna to opening up her heart to me and help me come to see these things and learn about myself and my photography. She has a real gift for insight & discerning the challenges that creatives face, as well as an incredible eye for really seeing the heart of an image. I feel a new confidence in myself and my work and I couldn’t recommend working with Anna more highly.

In closing, I want to share some images that Anna asked me to pull together in an exercise called Ten and Ten. I had to pull together ten images by other photographers that grabbed me by the heart and spoke to me, and then pull together ten of my own images that made me feel the same way. Of course I pulled together more than 10 of my own and it was hard to narrow it down, but I managed it, and so I’m going to share those 10 images today (and the couple that didn’t make the final cut) and I would love you to leave me a comment here or on Facebook and tell me what you see when you look at them.