The Storey Family | Storytelling Session | Sydney Family Photographer


There are some sessions you walk away from just knowing that you nailed it. Not because you know you’ve captured some great images and video, but because you know you’ve just met a family who will stay with you for a long time.

The Storey family are one such family. When you’re stuck in the daily grind of work, school & life (particularly if you’ve also been doing major renovations like the Storey’s had) it’s easy to get caught up in the busy and forget to take a moment to just breathe and be.

Storytelling Sessions are opportunity for families to take that moment. To switch off the devices and turn down all the noise of everyday life and reconnect. It’s a chance to slow down and be reminded of how much you love these people you’re doing life with, and that all that busyness you find yourself caught up in, it’s worth it, to provide for these magnificent humans living in your home.

It’s easy to forget how amazing your family is when you’re yelling at them to get dressed for school or reminding them to get bread & toilet paper on the way home. A Storytelling Session is a way to not only take the time to reconnect as a family, but have that connection documented, so on the really tough days, you can look back on these photos & your film and be reminded of why you do it in the first place, and just how lucky you truly are.

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