The Wilsons | Sydney Family Photographer | Storytelling Session Film + Photos


As a Sydney family photographer living in the Hawkesbury region north-west of Sydney, we don’t get a lot of chances to head to the beach. The nearest beach is a good hour away, and so we tend to spend a lot of our time exploring along the Hawkesbury River at Yarramundi.

So when I was chatting to Katherine and working out where we wanted to go for the second half of their family film session, and she suggested their favourite beach? You can bet I jumped at the chance!

There’s something so soothing about being near the ocean, it puts a lot of things in perspective, and helps clear the head. I can’t help but feel happy when I’m at the beach, and when I get to photograph lovely people also feeling happy at the beach? It’s a match made in photographer’s heaven.

My session with the Wilson’s was a family film session, which meant that not only was I take photos, but I was filming as well, so that I can make them a beautiful video time-capsule of this time in their lives. The thing I love about family film sessions is the opportunity to really get to know the people I’m hanging out with, and the fact that we often have enough time to shoot not only at home, but in a favourite location too.

So after games and stories at the Wilson’s home, we piled in to the car and set-off for sunset at the beach. I’m still working on their film, but in the meantime, I think you’ll agree from their photos alone, this is one lucky family, with a lot of love in their hearts…


If you were going to book a family film session, what’s the number one place you’d love to visit during our time together? Do you love to explore the beach, or are you more in to parks & gardens, or maybe even hiking in the mountains? Drop me a line and maybe we can make it happen!