Kind Words

I could tell you myself what it’s like to have a session with me, but I think my lovely clients say it best…


Carlie & Rob
{family film session}

{About their photos} Kylie, thank you SO SO much! What an amazing gift for our family. These are beautiful and just capture our day so perfectly. These make me feel so happy. I love these photos and they really surprised me! I never like photos of myself but these ones I love because I can see in them how much I love my kids and how happy they make me. And because they are beautiful photos! Thank you!!

{About their film} I know this film will be watched many times in our house and become more special through the years. What an amazing gift, we are so thankful! You’re so lovely and also so amazing at what you do! So many times you got shots that I didn’t even know you were taking and I love them!! You’ve perfectly captured the busyness and also the fun of our life right now with three little kids and I’m so glad I will always have it to look back on as the kids get older and our days don’t look like that anymore. Thank you Kylie, you are amazing!


{family film session}

Kylie….. WOW!!! I’m crying! These are so precious! I can’t thank you enough!!!!!

I truly appreciate you coming over today, time away from your own family to capture mine.

I’m still crying xx


Kelly & Steve Web-60.jpg

Kelly & Steve
{destination wedding film & photography}

Kylie has a remarkable ability to be completely unobtrusive, ghost like, as she floats around capturing special moments. She has a naturally calming presence, allowing you to relax and focus on what is in front of you. The end result was simply breathtaking, beautifully candid photos and video to tell the story of our special day. We couldn't have been any happier.


{in-home family session}

Definitely the best idea ever for those family members who ‘don’t like photos’. Several were grumpy with me for booking a photographer, but NOONE was grumpy after you left!



kate & lenny
{wedding photography}

Len & I both commented how little we saw of you during the ceremony & reception, which meant we weren’t worried about the camera and we felt so comfortable and natural, and I think you can really see that in the pics. It was EXACTLY what we wanted! So, so happy!

Haweksbury Family Photographer Kylie Purtell.jpg

{in-home family film session}

Usually as a mum you take the pics of the kids or pics of dad with the kids and rarely do I get into a photo with my boys. Normally I will shy from the camera but I forgot that a camera was even there. We had lots of laughs with Kylie along the way and it was so chilled out! Our lives go by so fast, so to be able to capture special moments in family life is so important. You treasure these forever!



jillian & daniel
{wedding photography}

We are just thrilled with the photos, they are amazing! We have shown our families and friends and everyone thinks they are just terrific! Thank you again, it was a fabulous day and you were just marvellous!

Karen, Matt, Flo & Eadie-58.jpg

karen & matt
{in-home & location family film session}

“Oh wow! Thank you so much! It’s just amazing!”

“I do not have the words to describe how wonderful this [film] is and how much joy it brings to our lives, not only now but for many years to come.”


Sydney Wedding Photographer Kylie Purtell-16.jpg

natalie & gav
{wedding photography}

Thank you for our outstanding photos! Thanks for your enthusiasm, professionalism and patience all day. We can't thank you enough.

Walker Family Maternity - Web-19.jpg

tarynn & ben
{in-home & location family film session}

Oh Kylie they’re beautiful! Thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts. We are so lucky to have you capture our family. It means more than I could ever express in words. You have a such a talent and we loved having you hang out with us for the day.

Our amazing family film! I was crying ugly happy tears when I watched it. We are so in love with it, Kylie! Can’t thank you enough.


Haweksbury Family Photographer Kylie Purtell-49.jpg

amy & matt
{in-home newborn family session}

I have no words to say thank you enough for our photos & video. We really struggled to conceive G and didn’t know if we would ever have another member of our family; throughout the whole pregnancy I was still worried and it didn’t feel “real”. With the haze of this [first] week I don’t think it hit me fully until I watched the video that we now have three kids! We will treasure it forever.


Jasmyne & zara
{in-home MUMMY & ME film session}

Whatever you do make sure you have a video made because that is on a next level of memories of your little ones and your life together.

I was amazed by how the photos & film turned out. There were some really precious shots in there. Those tears were rolling and my gosh when I saw the video I was an absolute mess. Everyone who watches the video cries. Kylie made us feel so relaxed and her lovely warmth and candid nature towards life helped ease us into the shoot. Kylie captures the little things, the things that you will probably forget 20 years from now.



rachel & ben
{on-location family session}

Kylie, you are marvelous! Your work is brilliant and you capture such beautiful moments. We had a lot of fun being followed around and photographed by you for an afternoon, and you've blessed us with some amazing shots, perfectly documenting our little one's current (and cute!) age and stage. Thank you!


cathy & phil
{on-location family session}

We are very happy with our family photos. I am not a great fan of having my photo taken but the session with Kylie wonderful, she made us feel at ease and as a result captured some nice natural interactions between our little family. My son had great fun being followed by the camera and the kids were so comfortable just being themselves. The photos are beautiful and will be treasured for years to come.



amber & quinn
{in-home mummy & me session}

We loved having Kylie come to our home and photograph our little girl! It was so relaxed and comfortable, Quinn was very much at ease with her too. Kylie just followed us as we played in the garden and captured some beautiful images that will always be cherished!