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"You treasure these forever!"

"Usually as a mum you take the pics of the kids or pics of dad with the kids and rarely do I get into a photo with my boys. Normally I will shy from the camera but I forgot that a camera was even there. We had lots of laughs with Kylie along the way and it was so chilled out! Our lives go by so fast, so to be able to capture special moments in family life is so important..."


- Lou, March 2017 (click here to see Lou's Family Film)

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capturing life in film

a film session at home and a near-by location that's special to you


If you love photos, but what you really love is watching old home movies from your childhood or videos of your kids on your phone, then this is the session for you! I'll make you a home movie that you and the kids will want to watch over and over and over again.

Show me what a film session can look like

Film sessions are much like a photography session, just a bit longer. It's a chance to relax and switch off from all of the noise of the outside world. We'll spend our time just hanging out, and in the process I'll capture your beautiful everyday moments. Those moments will then be hand-crafted into a 2-3 minute video time capsule that will preserve your memories in moving colour & captivating audio.

What does your film session include?

  • 3-4 hour session at home, which can also include a visit to a near-by location that's special to your family
  • a 3-4 minute family film preserving your memories in moving colour & captivating audio
  • a handful of beautifully edited images
  • your video & photos available to download from a private online gallery

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capturing life in photos + film

a photography & film session at home and/or a location that's special to you


If you're really keen to update your family photos, but you also want a beautiful video capturing your family in moving colour then this is the session for you. You get the best of both worlds with this package, gorgeous photos for your walls and a beautiful video time capsule.

Show me what a photos & film session can look like

Film & photo sessions take place over a slightly longer time period than a photos only session. This gives everyone a really good chance to relax and really forget that I've got a camera in hand. I'll take an equal amount of photos and video, and create a beautiful, short video time capsule that captures the real essence of your family and focuses on all the little things you love about your kids and want to remember forever.

What does your photos + film session include?

  • 2-3 hour session at home and/or a location that's special to your family
  • a short (between 1-3 minutes) video time capsule you'll want to watch over and over again
  • 20+ beautifully edited images
  • your video & photos available to download from a private online gallery

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Capturing life in Photos

a photography session at home OR at a location that's special to you


As the great Ferris Bueller once said "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it". Family photography is not just a way to document a moment in time, but a time-out from your busy family schedule, a chance to really slow down and spend some time with each other. 

This is you, hanging out with your family and their new friend (me!) who just happens to have a camera. It's relaxed, it's laid-back, it's whatever you want it to be. What's it's not is boring, awkward or cheesy. In fact, every single one of my clients has told me after their session that they almost forgot I was taking photos!

Show me what a photo session can look like

If you really need a time-out from the busyness of life and want to update your family photos at the same time, then this is the session for you. If you're not the kind of person who likes having to smile for the camera or spend ages being posed, then I'm definitely the photographer for you!

What does your photography session include?

  • 2 hour photography session at home OR at a location that's special to you
  • 20+ beautiful, professionally edited images
  • your photos available to download from a private online gallery

  • A non-refundable booking fee of $250 is payable at the time of booking to secure your session date
  • Flexible payment plans are available
  • Locations further than 60kms from Richmond NSW will require a travel fee
  • Remainder of session fee payable on or before your session date

"I have no words to say thank you enough for our photos and video. We will treasure it forever. We really struggled to conceive G and didn't know if we would ever have another member of our family; throughout the whole pregnancy I was still worried and it didn't feel "real". With the haze of this week I don't think it hit me fully until I watched the video that we now have 3 kids!"

- Amy, December 2016 (see Amy's fusion film below)
Click here to see my most recent family session

If you're ready to book your photography or film session, or you'd simply like more information on how I can help you preserve your family's memories, please click here and fill in your details and I'll be in touch with you shortly.

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Why are you the photographer for people who don't like being photographed?
Every client I've worked with has said a variation of the following to me after their session...
"I hate having my photo taken but our session was so relaxed I forgot that a camera was even there!".
This is my goal for every shoot, that not only will you feel comfortable with me being there, but that we'll be having so much fun you'll forget I'm even taking photos. I take a candid, photojournalistic approach to my photography which means that I'm not looking to have everyone forcing smiles for the camera, but I'm looking to capture real moments between you and your loved ones that show genuine smiles & true personality. 

How much does a session with you cost?
Photography sessions are $899, film sessions are $1499. A non-refundable $250 booking fee is payable at the time of booking your session to secure your date and the balance is due (less the booking fee) on or before your session date. I offer flexible payment plans so you can pay for your session weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Please click here to see what packages & prices I offer to families.

Why does professional photography cost so much?
When you book a professional photographer you're paying for not only the photographer's time, but for their expertise & the peace of mind that comes with working with a professional. I've spent years learning the art of photography (with both informal learning and formal learning in the form of a Diploma of Professional Photo Imaging which I completed with top honours) and along with my professional qualifications I also have insurance and a current Working with Children check.

I have small children and my house is a mess! Do I have to clean up before you come round?
Absolutely NOT! I have two small children of my own who like to leave visitors in no doubt that people live in my home, in the form of toys, clothes, paper and biscuit crumbs being liberally spread across every surface of my house! In the course of photographing my children in my own home I've gotten very good at finding creative angles and ways of minimising the amount of mess & clutter that shows in the final image. 

We're just normal people who do everyday things. Won't this be too boring for a photo shoot at home?
Before your session I'll get you to fill in a questionnaire about your family and the things you like to do together. We'll then have a chat about your questionnaire answers (either over the phone, via Skype/FaceTime or in-person) and chat about what you might get up to while I'm at your house. Some people like to plan an activity or two (such as cooking/baking together or arts & crafts) to do during their session, but even during everyday things like reading stories, playing outside, eating lunch together or wiping vegemite or biscuit crumbs off the kids' faces can yield beautiful, timeless images.

Do we have to have our photos taken at home?
No. Photography sessions can take place at your favourite park, playground or reserve instead of at home. If one of those places is very nearby or within walking distance of your house we can also incorporate a visit during your film session.

I have nothing to wear! Help!
My best advice is to wear something comfortable and don't worry about matching outfits or complementary colours. Let the kids wear whatever they want as this will make them happy during your session. When you wear something comfortable you won't be worrying about how you look in the photos so much. The only thing I suggest is to steer clear of stripes & patterns as the camera really doesn't like them, and aim for simple, block colours as we don't want to take attention away from your lovely faces by the witty slogans splashed across your partners's shirt (unless the shirt is really important to them, in which case let me know and I'll make sure I include that detail in your photos).

Do we have to order prints & albums through you?
While professional print lab prints are always going to be much better quality and last longer, I understand that not everyone has the money to spend on prints & albums, which is why my packages include digital image & video files. When I deliver your photo files I'll also send you a list of some of the places I use and recommend for prints & photobooks (please keep in mind though that I can't guarantee the quality of any prints/photobooks/photo products that you choose to order elsewhere).