Education & Mentoring
for Photographers


Do you feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut?
Do you want to try new things but you’re too scared to ask how it’s done?
Do you want constructive feedback that will help you grow & not get you down?
Are you desperate to learn how to film but don’t know where to start?

Then this is for you…


 I totally get how hard it can be to find someone a little further along the photography path than you who can help with things like feedback & techniques to help make your images stronger. For a long time after I first started working on improving my photography I had no idea where to go to speak to a real person who could help me with the things I struggled with.

When I went to Tafe (college) in 2015 to study for my Diploma of Professional Photo Imaging I realised just how great it was to have mentors & teachers I could talk to and ask questions of without feeling stupid or like I was wasting their time. I learned the value in having other people look at my work and give me feedback on what they saw, and I grew more in that 12 months than I did in the previous 10 years combined!

I have a real passion for helping photographers find their feet and go beyond the basics. If you’re a beginner photographer or keen hobbyist looking to expand your skills and figure out what you can do better/differently, or you’re a more established photographer who feels like they’re stuck in a creative rut and looking for someone to chat to and get some fresh perspective & inspiration, I’m here to help!

What I can offer you

A Creative Kickstart

I can offer you an ear to hear. If there is something you’ve been struggling with (shooting, culling, editing, creativity, inspiration, business, whatever!) let’s talk it out. I’m a really good listener and there’s nothing I love more than getting stuck in and helping people reach their full potential. I also know how isolating it can be running your own business and having no-one to bounce ideas off, so I’m here to be your sounding board. With a one-hour Creative Kickstart call we can talk about whatever it is that’s been playing on your mind, and work on a plan to get you where you want to be in your work, your life and your business. There’s a reason my nickname in high school was The Guru!

A Portfolio Review

One of my favourite things to do is go through a portfolio or gallery of images and analyse what works and why, what doesn’t and how you can make it even better. I’m a ruthless culler myself, and I believe that there’s no better way to grow than by examining your work and partaking in some critical self/work reflection. Send me your current portfolio or latest gallery and we’ll go through it image by image to make sure you’re presenting the very best work you can!

“An area I knew I really needed to improve on was my culling. I had heard ever since studying photography that it makes your image collection stronger. But, I have continued to deliver large galleries as it seemed easier. Kylie has been able to change this for me. Her gentle encouraging has helped me to become more ruthless with my culling and actually love the result!

Kylie is so kind in her ways and builds your confidence in who you are and how you shoot. I encourage you to contact Kylie and chat with her about an area that you have struggled in so that you can tackle it with confidence.

Thank you so much, Kylie, for being the truest you. The creative world is blessed for it.”

- Katie. Z



Portfolio Review


You know you take good pictures but you really want to make them great. You want honest feedback that will help you grow and not get you down. Go beyond the usual “great work, love it” comments and get feedback and tips that you can actually start implementing right away.


Creative Kickstart


You’ve mastered the basics but you really want to take your images to the next level by incorporating more creative techniques or you’re looking to learn how to use more dramatic types of light, or maybe you just want to ask some editing questions that you can’t seem to find the answers to.

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Want to learn how to make family films (for yourself or your clients)?

 At FilmingLife Academy you’ll learn everything you need to know to start filming YOUR story today.
With world-class instructors and a range of courses to suit both beginners and more advanced filmmakers alike,
FilmingLife Academy really is where heart & visual storytelling meet creative family filmmaking.

Hand-in-hand with my passion for helping newer photographers find their feet is my
passion for creating films & Helping others learn how to do it too.
As an instructor & member experience specialist at FilmingLife Academy I know it’s the
very best place to learn all things filmmaking.
With an active & supportive community, you’ll find all the knowledge & support you’ll ever need
as a member of the academy. Come join me today!

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 More of a hands-on learner?

In October 2019 I’ll be joining FilmingLife Academy founder Courtney Holmes and Academy Manager Allison Redmon to host a 3 day retreat on the NSW Central Coast. FilmingLife The Retreat is like no other retreat or conference you’ve ever been to and is geared towards both photographers brand-new to filmmaking, and those who have been filming for a while.

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FilmingLife the Retreat is for anyone who is interested in hands-on, one-to-one learning with Courtney, Allison & Kylie.  We are gearing this retreat to all skill levels, whether you are a beginner or more advanced.

We will cover topics on business, editing and shooting family films, giving you strategies to immediately incorporate into your own films and photography businesses.  

The content is divided into three FULL days, consisting of an even mix of educational discussion and on-site shooting sessions with hands on support from the instructors throughout the retreat.