Creative Kickstart

Creative Kickstart


A Creative Kickstart is for anyone who has mastered the basics and is ready to get a little creative and try new things to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Whether you want some tips on creative exercises to get you out of a rut, want to ask questions on how to use different kinds of light, want to chat about ways you can improve your work or just really need to talk about your passion for an hour with someone who gets it and can help you with whatever you’re struggling with, this is for you.

I’m a total open book when it comes to all things photography and I love sharing my knowledge and the things I do to keep me inspired and pushing to be better. We can talk light, we can talk creativity, we can talk technical stuff, editing, freelensing, double-exposures, video/filming basics, whatever you need!

When you purchase a Creative Kickstart with me I’ll send you a questionnaire to gauge where you’re currently at with your work and determine what you’d like help/guidance/inspiration with.

I’ll also ask you to send me a selection of 10-15 of your favourite/best images and links to anywhere you show your work (website, facebook, instagram, etc) so I can get a good feel for what you’re currently creating.

We’ll then set-up a time for a one-hour video chat and talk about whatever it is you’d like to talk about. I’m an open book and this is your chance to ask all of your burning questions and find the help, guidance or inspiration you’ve been searching for.

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Please Note: All Portfolio Review & Creative Kickstart purchases are final and no refunds will be issued. You can postpone your review/kickstart or transfer it to another creative to use. No business advice or guidance will be given during your review/kickstart, this is strictly photography related. If you’re after business advice or guidance I can make recommendations on where to get what you need.