Family Session Info & FAQs


I used to be one of those people who hated having their photo taken.

For this very reason, a photo session with me is not like any other session you’ve had before.

A session with me is like catching up with a friend. It’s not rushed, it’s not posed.

We’ll chat a lot (and don’t worry if you’re not a talker, I can talk enough for the both of us!) and eventually you’ll be having so much fun just spending time with your family that you’ll forget you’re even having a photo shoot!

Don’t let your dislike for being photographed stop you from getting in the frame.

You owe it to your kids, but more importantly, you owe it to yourself!

You deserve to exist in your family’s photographs as much as they do!

Photo credit:  Tarynn Walker

Photo credit: Tarynn Walker



Storytelling Session | Film + Photos

Photos can help you remember a moment.
Films will let you re-live it.

A storytelling family film session is the ultimate way to preserve your memories, and show your kids in the years to come just how much you love them. Imagine being able to hear the voice of a treasured loved one, long after they’re gone. This is the gift you give your family with this session, a gift that’s worth infinitely more with every year that passes.

Your Storytelling Session fee includes everything, your 3 hour session, my time spent shooting & editing, an expertly crafted family film, and 50 professionally edited high-resolution images available to download from your own private online gallery.

This session is ideal for anyone who wants to truly preserve their family’s history for generations to come, and wants to give their children the opportunity to not only see you in their childhood, but truly feel what it’s like to be loved by you.

Hillebrand Family-7.jpg

Keepsake Session | Photos + Mini Film

Give your kids the gift of photos with YOU in them too

If you’re a little bit camera shy but you know you need to get in the frame for your kids, then this is the session for you.

Your Keepsake Session fee includes everything, your 90-minute session, my time spent shooting & editing, 30 professionally edited high-resolution images available to download from your own private online gallery and a 1-minute keepsake film.

This session is ideal for those wanting to capture the first hours, days & weeks of life with a newborn but don’t want the time commitment of a full storytelling family film session.

Baby Albert web-49.jpg

Simple Session | Photos Only

Update your photo album with a short & simple session

Families, couples, friends, if you’d like to have a laugh and get some beautiful new photos in the process then a simple session is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Your Simple Session fee includes everything, your 45-minute photo shoot at my favourite location, Yarramundi Reserve, my time spent shooting & editing, 25 professionally edited high-resolution images available to download from your own private online gallery, with the option to upgrade & purchase your full gallery after viewing.

This session is ideal for couples, friends & families who just want a few simple photos to update your walls & photo album. Also ideal for small-business owners wanting some new photos to use on your website & social media.

Fiona, Tom & Jack web-5.jpg
Baby Albert web-70.jpg

“Oh Kylie, I am in tears! I honestly can’t thank you enough, you have captured us perfectly and this is something I will treasure for the rest of my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m so glad we found you xxxxx”

Storey Family web-41.jpg

“These images are above & beyond!!! Wow Kylie! You have captured our family and connection so well. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t wait to show the kids in the morning!”


Location & Availability

Family Film sessions (Storytelling Sessions) are usually booked out 3-4 months in advance, so it’s best to get in early for your booking, particularly if you’d like a Storytelling Session before Christmas 2019. Storytelling Sessions take place at your home, and can also include a visit to a near-by location that’s special to your family (must be less than a 10 minute drive from your home).

Family Photo sessions (Keepsake Sessions) that include a mini-film are generally booked out 2-3 months in advance. Keepsake Sessions can take place at a location of your choosing, or I can suggest a location close to your home. These sessions can also take place at home, or in hospital if you’d like to use your Keepsake Session for what we call a Fresh 48 (a session that happens sometime in the first 48 hours of baby’s birth, ideal for capturing the moment when older siblings meet their new brother or sister)

Simple Sessions take place on Sunday afternoons and are also available on Wednesday & Friday afternoons. These sessions take place an hour before sunset at Yarramundi Reserve. Unfortunately I’m unable to accomodate alternative location requests for Simple Sessions.


JUNE: 2 sessions available | JULY: fully booked
AUGUST: 1 session available | SEPTEMBER: 2 sessions available
OCTOBER: 1 session available | NOVEMBER: fully booked
DECEMBER: by request | 2020: Now taking bookings

Get in touch now to check prices & availability.
Session prices start at $850.
Flexible payment plans available.

I love to travel and I’m happy to go anywhere in Australia or the world. Travel further than 100kms from Richmond NSW will require a small travel fee. 25% of your session fee is due at time of booking, the remaining 75% of your session fee is due 1 week prior to your session.



“I am not a great fan of having my photo taken but the session with Kylie was wonderful, she made us feel at ease and as a result captured some nice natural interactions between our little family. The photos are beautiful and will be treasured for years to come.”

Haweksbury Family Photographer Kylie Purtell-11.jpg

“Whatever you do make sure you have a video made because that is on a next level of memories of your little ones and your life together. Those tears were rolling and my gosh when I saw the video I was an absolute mess. Kylie made us feel so relaxed and her lovely warmth and candid nature towards life helped ease us into the shoot. Kylie captures the little things, the things that you will probably forget 20 years from now.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Karen, Matt, Flo & Eadie-11.jpg

Why are you the photographer for people who don't like being photographed?

Every client I've worked with has said a variation of the following to me after their session... "I hate having my photo taken but our session was so relaxed I forgot that a camera was even there!".
This is my goal for every shoot, that not only will you feel comfortable with me being there, but that we'll be having so much fun you'll forget I'm even taking photos. I take a candid, photojournalistic approach to my photography which means that I'm not looking to have everyone forcing smiles or posing for the camera, but I'm looking to capture real moments between you and your loved ones that show genuine smiles & true personality. 

Think of me as a friend who has dropped round for a coffee and a chat, and I just happen to have my camera with me too. In fact, that’s pretty much how all of my in-home sessions pan out anyway, so you don’t need to feel like you have to “perform” for the camera. And for future-reference, I take mine white with 1!

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How much does a session with you cost?

My packages are all-inclusive, your session fee covers everything in the session descriptions above.

A non-refundable 25% booking fee is payable at the time of booking your session to secure your date and the balance is due (less the booking fee) 1 week before your session. I offer flexible payment plans so you can pay for your session weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Please click here to see what’s included in each session type.

Haweksbury Family Photographer Kylie Purtell-3.jpg

I have small children and my house is a mess! Do I have to clean up before you come round?

Absolutely NOT! I have two small children of my own who like to leave visitors in no doubt that people live in my home, in the form of toys, clothes, paper and biscuit crumbs being liberally spread across every surface of my house!

In the course of photographing my children in my own home I've gotten very good at finding creative angles and ways of minimising the amount of mess & clutter that shows in the final image. 

Haweksbury Family Photographer Kylie Purtell-42.jpg

We're just normal people who do everyday things. Won't this be too boring for a photo shoot at home?

Before your session I'll get you to fill in a questionnaire about your family and the things you like to do together. We'll then have a chat about your questionnaire answers (either over the phone, via Skype/FaceTime or in-person) and chat about what you might get up to while I'm at your house. Some people like to plan an activity or two (such as cooking/baking together or arts & crafts) to do during their session, but even during everyday things like reading stories, playing outside, eating lunch together or wiping vegemite or biscuit crumbs off the kids' faces can yield beautiful, timeless images.

Haweksbury Family Photographer Kylie Purtell-29.jpg

Do we have to have our photos taken at home?

No. Photography sessions can take place at your favourite park, playground or reserve instead of at home. If you’re having a film session, you can have half of your session at home, followed by the other half at one of your favourite outdoor locations (within 15 minutes drive from your home).

Alternatively you can choose to have your entire film session on location, however please note that if the location is further than 60kms from the Hawkesbury region (Richmond, NSW) you may need to pay a small travel fee to cover travel costs.

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I have nothing to wear! Help!

My best advice is to wear something comfortable and don't worry about matching outfits or complementary colours. Let the kids wear whatever they want as this will make them happy during your session. When you wear something comfortable you won't be worrying about how you look in the photos so much.

The only thing I suggest is to steer clear of stripes & patterns as the camera really doesn't like them, and aim for simple, block colours as we don't want to take attention away from your lovely faces by the witty slogans splashed across your partners's shirt (unless the shirt is really important to them, in which case let me know and I'll make sure I include that detail in your photos).


Do we have to order prints & albums through you?

While professional print lab prints are always going to be much better quality and last longer, I understand that not everyone has the money to spend on prints & albums, which is why my packages include digital images and your choice of an album or prints/wall art as part of the all-inclusive price.

When I deliver your online gallery you’ll be able to order prints, albums & wall art from Australia’s oldest & best printer directly through your gallery, or you can download your high-resolution print files and take them to the printer of your choice (please keep in mind though that I can't guarantee the quality of any prints/photobooks/photo products that you choose to order elsewhere).